Wake Up & Pray Workbook

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Wake Up and Pray: Moving from Boredom to Blessings as You Encounter your Creator in Prayer

God is not the author of boredon, especially when we are conversing with Him. Ignite new creativity and excitement in your prayer life through this dynamic six-week DVD series, used in conjunction with the Wake Up and Pray DVD and the exciting book, PRAYzing! Creative Prayer Experiences from A to Z.

This workbook includes six week session outlines that follow with each video session, along with interactive prayer times guides for each session, and weekly application notes.

Session Topics Include:

  • The Dilemma of Prayerless Living & Sleepy Praying
  • Praying to Our Creative God
  • Praying by His Creative Spirit
  • Praying from His Creative Word
  • Praying in a Creative Way
  • The Practice of Creative Prayer


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