Transforming Prayer Seminar DVD

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Run Time: 3 hrs, 10 min.

It's no wonder so many people are discouraged with prayer. Instead of a genuine encounter with God, prayer is little more than a grocery list of requests. How do you truly connect with God through prayer?

Over the course of this 4-session seminar, Daniel Henderson will cover practical and biblical principles, helping you transform the way you pray. Topics include:

  • Rethinking Our Traditional Prayer "lists"
  • Barriers To Spiritual Breakthrough
  • Discovering The Prayers of the Bible
  • Breaking Bad Prayer Habits
  • Getting Beyond "Five Minute Prayers"
  • Q&A and Prayer Experience

Great for a church-wide seminar experience.  Lecture format with interactive prayer times.  If you are looking for small group curriculum based on the Transforming Prayer book,  please see The Power to Change product family.


"Our church was deeply blessed by this seminar.  This teaching has been so helpful to our people and we are trusting this will take us to the next level of building a culture of prayer in our church.  Thanks, Daniel!”
Senior Pastor | Cleveland, OH

"I read the book, Transforming Prayer, several years ago, but this seminar has really helped me to better understand the book, and how to commune with God through worship-based prayer.”  
Believer | Lexington, KY