The Deeper Life Video Series

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Be known as a person of relevant faith . . .
Escape the fog of daily distractions . . . 
Live a more intentional, integrated life! 

The Deeper Life video series is the key component to The Deeper Life Group Study, which is designed to help you and your small group answer the questions that really matter and satisfy the ultimate longings of the soul to know God and live an eternally significant life.

This nine week study addresses life's key questions of:

  • Who is God? (Theology)
  • Who Am I? (Identity)
  • Why Am I Here? (Purpose)
  • What Really Matters? (Values)
  • What Should I Do? (Priorities)
  • How Should I Do It? (Goals)
  • When Should I Do It? (Time)
  • How Will I Finish? (Legacy)


The Group Study is based on the brand new book, The Deeper Life, by Daniel Henderson (Bethany House Publishing), and includes 10 books, 10 workbooks, and the group session DVD (with leader guides for each session).