21 Days of Prayer for Your Church Leaders

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Have you ever wondered about your specific role of service in the local church?

You are called to lift up a shield of intercession! It's said it is hard to be a critic and an intercessor at the same time. The Church may have many critics, but what it needs are more intercessors.

21 Days of Prayer for Your Church Leaders will take you on a journey of how to practically engage with God's word to fuel a life-long commitment to intercede for those whom God has called to lead His church. Each day will bring relevant teaching, practical equipping, and simple modeling of how you can pray for the church leaders, in your life, biblically and effectively. 

Serving as an intercessor is not a call for an elite few but for every member of Christ's body. Discover today the joy of living out your role of service in the church by beginning this 21-day pathway of how you can pray of your church leaders.

Includes 21 daily readings along and an audio prayer to follow along with each day. (Available January 1, 2024)

Also a great group option for your small groups or your entire church to go through together! Call 720-627-5932 or info@strategicrenewal.com for bulk pricing on more than 75 copies. For less than 75, please see our 10-pack option available online at our store for a discount.