Transforming Prayer - The Power To Change Total Group Study Pack

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View the video above for one pastor's testimony on the impact The Power To Change had on their church small groups. 

Jesus Christ transforms lives! Here is a tool to help you experience His power in a fresh way by changing the way you pray. Now, in this practical five week series, Daniel Henderson shows you how to:

  • CHANGE from seeking God's HAND to seeking His FACE
  • CHANGE from a heart of WORRY to a life of WORSHIP
  • CHANGE from a struggle with FEAR to an experience of FREEDOM
  • CHANGE from feelings of ISOLATION to the power of INTIMACY
  • CHANGE from a sense of INDIFFERENCE to a legacy of IMPACT

This powerful group study includes ten Transforming Prayer books, ten Power to Change workbooks, and five group sessions and leader guides on one DVD

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