Greeting Cards

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Encourage your friends, family, and loved ones with these uplifting cards, featuring some of Daniel Henderson's most cherished quotes throughout his years of ministry.

This 12-card sampler includes two copies of each of our 6 unique card designs, all featuring a quote on the front side, as well as a brief prayer of encouragement inside.  Front quotes include the following sayings: 

  • "The only enduring motive for prayer is that God is worthy to be sought." 
  • God has tailor-made grace for everything you face.
  • "The worst of times are often the best of times, they just don't feel like it at the time."
  •  "Discouragement is a temporary loss of perspective." 
  • "The hardest part about the Christian life is that it is so daily." 
  • "The comfort zone is the danger zone."