Transforming Prayer Total Group Study Pack

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Newly updated and now in HIGH DEFINITION!

Jesus Christ transforms lives!  The Transforming Prayer Video Series will help you and your small group experience His power in a fresh way by changing the way you  pray.  In this practical five week series, Daniel Henderson shows you how to:

  • Transform from seeking God's HAND to seeking His FACE
  • Transform from a heart of WORRY to a life of WORSHIP
  • Transform from a struggle with FEAR to an experience of FREEDOM
  • Transform from feelings of ISOLATION to the power of INTIMACY
  • Transform from a sense of INDIFFERENCE to a legacy of IMPACT

Learn to pray together! No matter what your comfort level in prayer may be, Transforming Prayer video series will help your entire group to participate in non-threatening ways. Each session helps you to facilitate meaningful discussion and seamlessly lead into a time of life-giving prayer.   

When you experience the profound difference of Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, worship-based prayer, your faith and life will never be the same.

    This powerful group study includes:

    • 10 copies - Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson (paperback)
    • 10 copies - Transforming Prayer workbook 
    • 1 copy - Transforming Prayer Videos Series (DVD or Digital Download)


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