Prayer Tools Series Bundle

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This bundle includes DVDs of How to Experience and Lead Life-Giving Prayer Times and Creating A Vital Culture of Prayer In Your Church.


How to Experience and Lead Life-Giving Prayer Times

  • Do your corporate prayer experiences seem boring, predictable, or flat?
  • Is the “prayer meeting” the least attended gathering at your church?
  • Would you like your prayers to reflect the pattern and power of the New Testament? 

This video series will help you change the trajectory of your prayer life and transform the DNA of your corporate prayer times.

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • How NOT to start a prayer meeting
  • Eight guiding principles for leading dynamic prayer experiences 
  • A Biblical framework to guide and sustain any prayer time 
  • Practical advice on effective facilitation


Creating A Vital Culture of Prayer In Your Church

There is a difference between a church that prays, and a “praying church”.

Every pastor wants to have a praying church, but many do not know how to get there. Most churches have sporadic and small prayer gatherings, but long to see prayer become the core reality of their congregation.

This video series will equip you to rebuild a foundation of prayer that will ignite renewal and change lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In this series of lessons, you will learn:

  • The difference between prayer activity and a prayer culture
  • The vital role of church leadership in igniting lasting renewal
  • How to “build sidewalks where the footpaths already exist”
  • How to establish and sustain a life-long passion to seek the Lord

Get the valuable training your seminary never gave you and gain practical tools for spiritual transformation in your church.