Think Before You Look Book

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Pornography poisons the human spirit.  It is a deadly battle for the souls of men.  This book gives 40 powerful reasons to avoid pornography and how to rise above temptation.  Think Before You Look is a preventive tool. Daniel calls pornography the number one weapon of spiritual and cultural terrorism against the moral fabric of our country.

This book will serve as a spiritual counter-terrorism weapon designed for rapid deployment. Each chapter is a practical, no-nonsense, thought-provoking jolt of grace and truth to help you make better decisions every day and every hour when faced with temptations.

Our Think Before You Look Study Guide is designed to further personal or group Bible study on this difficult issue.


"Think Before You Look is one of the best resources I've seen."
- David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries

"This simple, concise book packs a punch. I have not read a book on the issue of pornography that is so easy to read and so full of valuable information, resources, and practical help. This is a must read"
- Graig Gross, Founder of XXX

"We all know the powerful allure of lust. Yet every man can overcome temptation with God's help. This book will allow you to tap into His power to live a pure life"
- Shaun Alexander, All-Pro running back, Seattle Seahawks